A woman snorkeling in brilliant turquoise Bahamas water

Diving & Snorkeling

Experience the natural wonder of Abaco’s undersea ecosystems, renowned the world over for their beauty and variety of marine life. Reefs, home to many wrecks, 100-foot “walls” that drop into the abyss of the Atlantic and undersea caves are just some of Abaco’s natural wonders just a boat ride away.

Our water hovers around 80 degrees, the visibility is crystalline and our spectacular coral reefs go on for miles, all rich with vibrant tropical fish.

One very popular dive site is called the Bakers’ Reefs which are located at the north end of Guana. These reefs spread over a 3-square-mile area where a maze of reefs reaches for the surface at depths of 30 to 70 feet. Black Tip Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, turtles, Tarpon and other interesting sea life are often seen on these reefs.

For snorkeling or scuba diving trips, or full Scuba Certification training, plus other watersports adventures, see Brendal’s Dive Center.