A golf cart and palm tree next to a tropical Bahamas beach

Local Transportation

Various scheduled and charter airlines serve the Marsh Harbour Airport ( MHH ) and the charter airlines serve the Treasure Cay Airport ( TCB ) on a daily basis to enable convenient connections throughout the United States and the world.

For a current listing and contact information, see Getting Here on this website.

120 miles of paved highway span the length of the Abacos, from the Northernmost tip of Little Abaco  to the Southernmost tip of Great Abaco. There is regular Ferry Service to nearby cays and towns, including New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay, Hope Town on Elbow Cay, Man-O-War Cay and Great Guana Cay. There is no shortage of taxi service from the airports or ferries, and several car rental companies serve the local area.

Golf Carts

To get around Treasure Cay, the most widely-used form of transportation is the golf cart. All carts are reliable four-wheel models which safely accommodate four passengers and have golf bag racks. Free charging stations are available to Guests in the front parking areas on both the East and West areas of the resort.

Cash’s Golf Cart Company: 242-801-4045
Email: cashscarts@yahoo.com
Wendal Millee: 357-6745
Albert Bootle: 577-6953


Taxis are available and are found mostly at the airports and the ferry docks in Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay. Taxi drivers are willing to wait for individuals to shop and would love to take you siteseeing.

Fares vary depending on the destination and number of passengers. Waiting time is about $30 per hour. Children under the age of 3 are free.

Call in advance for airport departures. Confirm taxi fare before your departure.

Treasure Cay Airport: $35 for 2 people. For each additional person add an extra $3.

Marsh Harbor Airport: $85 for 2 people. For each additional person add an extra $3. Driving time is about 45 minutes.

Some reliable taxi drivers:
Sydeny Hart: 475-0572
Vernon Russell: 442-3058
Freeland Rolle: 242-458-0733
Albert Bootle: 557-6953 or 242-458-0733
Lucky: 242-819-7672
Manuletha & Jackie Bootle: 375-8391, 825-0764 or 825-9130
Jensen Edgecombe: 242-577-6727
Gordon Murray: 242-458-5235
Deniro Cooper: 242-821-2581

Ferry Services for Inter-Island Transportation

In traveling between the cays, Albury’s Ferry Services offer ferry service to the various outer cays on a daily basis. Night charters are also available. Green Turtle Cay Ferry also offers ferry service from the Treasure Cay Dock to Green Turtle Ferry Dock located in New Plymouth on a daily basis. Charters are also available.

Albury’s Ferry Service
Call for itinerary, schedule and cost: 242-577-1784

Green Turtle Ferry
Call for itinerary, schedule and cost: 242-475-3841

Pinder's Ferry Service
Call for itinerary, schedule and cost: 242-458-2621 or 577-6016

Car Rental

If you decide you want to tour Abaco on your own, you may want to rent a car. For instance, a car is the best way to visit Marsh Harbour ( the largest city on Abaco ) where there are shops and several nice restaurants around the harbour. Many guests find that there is more than enough to do in Treasure Cay for their entire vacation, but people staying longer than a week may want to explore more.

Cornish Car Rental will drop off the car to you at your condo and pick it up when you are through with it. Other companies may offer the same service. Just be sure to return the car with about the same amount of gas as when you received the car. Their business is located directly across from the Treasure Cay Airport.


Always look to the right first, when pulling out into traffic. Also night driving can be quite hectic, there are not many street lights and it can be very dark. Needless to say, driving in the Bahamas is not considered a relaxing experience.

Cornish Car Rental: 365-8623
Triple J Car Rental: 242-577-6727 or 242-809-0481

Bicycle Rental

Wendell Miller: 242-357-6745

Tandem bicycles, childrens’ bicycles, and infant seats
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.