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Bahamas Q&A

Travel to The Bahamas
What are The Bahamas entry requirements?
Visitors must bring a valid passport AND a return ticket.
IMPORTANT: A PASSPORT IS NOW REQUIRED for U.S. citizens of all ages returning from the Bahamas, and a Birth Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization will NO LONGER be accepted by U.S. immigration. For information on how to obtain or renew your U.S. passport, please visit here.
Do I need to take any medical shots before entering The Bahamas?
No, vaccinations are not required for visitors to The Bahamas, unless arriving from an infected area.
Can children under 10 travel to the Bahamas?
Yes, children under the age of ten can travel to The Bahamas, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children will need valid passports to enter or return from the Bahamas.
Leaving The Bahamas
Do I need a passport?
A current passport is required for U.S. citizens of all ages returning from the Bahamas.
Is there a departure tax?
Yes, a $15 per person departure tax is included in the price of most commercial airline tickets. Children under six years, with proof of age, are exempted from payment of departure tax.
About the Bahamas
Why is the ocean so beautiful in The Bahamas?
The Bahamas archipelago has some of the most beautiful waters on earth. The waters are virtually free of pollution, making them among the clearest and most colorful to be found anywhere. The sandy bottoms, shallow water depths, coral heads and sunlight are ultimately responsible for its incandescent colors.
Where is The Bahamas located?
The Bahamas comprises 700 low-lying islands and cays that stretch over 100,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean between the southeastern tip of Florida and northern Hispaniola. The island of Bimini is just 25 minutes by plane from Florida.

Nassau is the capital city, located on the island of New Providence. About 29 of the islands are well inhabited with the infrastructure to support tourism. Some of these Bahamian islands are Andros, Abaco (Home of The Bahama Beach Club Resort), Eleuthera & Harbour Island, Grand Bahama Island, New Providence (Nassau & Paradise) Island, Long Island, Cat Island and Bimini.
Is there a crime problem in the Bahamas?
As in any country, there is some crime. Fortunately, crime is kept to a minimum in Treasure Cay, where many residents still refuse to lock their doors. Bahamians are a warm and friendly people, but we do ask that you exercise the usual measure of caution.
Is The Bahamas an independent country?
Yes. The Bahamas is an independent country and a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.
Bahamas Culture
Is The Bahamas politically, socially and economically stable?
Bahamians have enjoyed political, economic and social stability for more than 250 years. Tourism in The Bahamas has flourished because of our warm, friendly people, political freedoms and temperate climate.
What are the holidays in The Bahamas?
We celebrate:
New Year’s Day (January 1)
Good Friday (Friday before Easter)
Easter Monday (Monday after Easter)
Whit Monday (8th Monday after Easter)
Labour Day (1st Friday in June)
Independence Day (July 10)
Emancipation Day (1st Monday in August)
Columbus Day (October 12)
Christmas (December 25)
Boxing Day (December 26).
Bahamas Weather
What clothing can I wear in The Bahamas?
Summer clothing in The Bahamas can be worn year-round. However, a sweater or light jacket may be desired for some early mornings and evenings in the winter. All Abaco area restaurants allow casual dress.
What is the average temperature in The Bahamas?
For the latest information on weather in The Bahamas please consult The Bahamas Department of Meteorology website.

The Bahamas has a temperate climate ranging from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity in the summer months to 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Night-time temperatures are generally cooler by 5-7 degrees. Sea surface temperatures vary between 74 degrees in February and 84 degrees in August.
When is the rainy season in The Bahamas?
The Bahamas experiences some rain year round, however the months of May through October constitute the rainy season.
Should I avoid visiting The Bahamas during the hurricane season?
The months of June to November constitute the hurricane season. The weather does influence travel decisions and inaccurate reporting of information on hurricanes results in needless cancellations by U.S. travelers.

The Bahamas hoteliers, including The Bahama Beach Club Resort, have instituted a Hurricane Hotel Policy for vacationers which states that visitors who cancel a Bahamas vacation during a hurricane will receive an immediate refund with no penalties.

If caught on-island during a hurricane, they would be extended the lowest possible rate and all possible courtesies. Before you travel we advise that you monitor the Weather Channel in your city for accurate coverage on hurricanes traveling in The Bahamas and Caribbean regions.
Money in The Bahamas
Can I spend U.S. dollars in The Bahamas?
Yes. The United States dollar is on par with the Bahamian dollar.
Are things expensive in The Bahamas?
Prices in The Bahamas are comparable to other destinations. Prices vary in relation to the product. Some luxury items, for example liquor, perfume, watches, or photography equipment, can be more reasonably priced than in the Unites States. “Breadbasket” items tend to be more expensive than in the United States.

Below are some examples of food prices from the local store, Solomon’s, in July 2006:
1/2 gal. milk: $3.29
1 loaf Natures Own Bread: $2.89
1 doz. ex. large eggs: $1.63
1 gal. bottled water: $1.49
5 lbs Uncle Ben’s Rice: $5.95
Tropicana Orange Juice: $7.022
4 oz. Corn Flakes: $6.39
Treasure Cay
What churches hold services in or near Treasure Cay?
The Anglican, Catholic, Assemblies of God and Baptist Churches are minutes from the Bahama Beach Club, as is the nondenominational Treasure Cay Community Center Church.
Are there any casinos in or near Treasure Cay?
No, there are no casinos in or near Treasure Cay.
Getting around
How can I get to Treasure Cay?
Convenient regularly scheduled airline service and charter flights are available. The Bahama Beach Club is just 7 miles from the Treasure Cay Airport (Airport code: TCB) and some 21 miles from the Marsh Harbour Airport (Airport code: MHH). See “Getting Here” for more information. Private pilots see Pilots and yachtsmen see Boaters.
What is the approximate taxi fare to or from Treasure Cay airport or Marsh Harbour?
All taxis are government controlled. Accompanied children under three years ride free.
> To / from The Bahama Beach Club and Treasure Cay Airport: approximately$30.00 for the first 2 persons and $3.00 for each additional.
> To / from The Bahama Beach Club and Marsh Harbour Airport: approximately $85.00 for the first 2 persons and $3 each additional.
What are my transportation in Treasure Cay or around Abaco?
Cars, golf carts, and bicycles can be rented by contacting The Bahama Beach Club’s front desk.

Taxis are readily available at all times, and several local island restaurants provide complimentary taxi service for dinners.

Boats can be rented, and you can travel by regularly scheduled ferry boats to New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay and to Hopetown on Elbow Cay. This service to the out islands is provided through the mailboats. Although principally outfitted for freight, they offer passage to travelers for a minimal fee.
Food and Dining
What food can I bring to The Bahamas?
Anything except fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products can be brought into The Bahamas. All meats must be canned or frozen. Note: To save on food costs, our guests are encouraged to bring one suitcase full of canned items, meats, cheeses and other goodies with them to the resort.
What foods are available in local markets?
Since The Bahama Beach Club provides fully-equipped kitchens, you may want to shop at one of our nearby food stores. They sell a range of familiar foods, beverages and drugstore items, along with local fruits and vegetables in season.
What is Bahamian food like?
Bahamian food is high in carbohydrates but very flavorful. Some of our staples include peas ‘n’ rice, macaroni, boiled or fried fish, steamed conch and Johnny Cake. A favorite among visitors is the conch, an aphrodisiac, which is served as chowder or a salad. Tropical drinks include Rum Punch, Bahama Mama, Goombay Smash and Yellow Bird.
Is the drinking water OK?
The water is drinkable, but we recommend bottled water for drinking. It’s readily available at the local market and at Bahama Beach Club.
How much food and liquor can I bring into The Bahamas?
A visitor can bring a quart of alcoholic beverage, a quart of wine, two hundred cigarettes or 50 cigars.
What is the common tipping policy in The Bahamas?
Most restaurants in the Bahamas include a 15% gratuity in the bill.
Appliances & electronics
What appliances are supplied at The Bahama Beach Club?
Central air conditioning, color television (with premium cable service), telephones and fully-equipped all-electric kitchens are standard in all units at The Bahama Beach Club. Full-sized washing machines and dryers, along with steam irons and ironing boards, are also conveniently located inside each rental condominium.
What is the electrical voltage at The Bahama Beach Club?
The electrical voltage is the same as that of the United States (120 voltage 60 cycles). The Bahama Beach Club has standard U.S. style electrical outlets.
Can I bring my laptop computer to The Bahamas?
Yes. On arrival, you will have to fill out a Declaration of Value form and Bahamas Customs will make note of the make, model and serial number of the computer.

Free high speed wireless internet service is also included in each condo at the Bahama Beach Club.
Special services
Are there tax incentives for meetings or special groups in The Bahamas?
The “How do U.S. Planners Deduct The Cost of A Meeting Held in The Bahamas” guide provides answers to questions regarding tax incentives for special groups visiting the country. Call toll-free 1(888) GROUPS1 for more information.
Whom do I contact if I have a complaint about my vacation in The Bahamas?
Complaints can be forwarded to the Visitor Relations Units of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism in Nassau / Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island or to the local tourist offices in Abaco, Andros, Bimini, Eleuthera, Exuma or Harbour Island, or you can contact the help line at (242) 326-4357.
What are the duty-free shopping policies?
U.S. residents, including minors, can take home duty free purchases up to $600 providing they have been out of the country for 48 hours. Items, which must be purchased from duty free stores, include crystal, liquor, linen, leather, jewelry, porcelain and souvenirs.

United Kingdom residents are allowed 2 liters (67 oz) of spirits, (one of which must be manufactured in The Bahamas or Caribbean) 200 cigarettes or a half pound of tobacco, and duty free exemption on other goods up to a total value of 145 pounds.

There are three categories for Canadian residents:
A 24-hour visitor — $50.00 duty free on return.
A 48-hour visitor — $200.00 duty free.
A Canadian visitor staying longer than 48 hours — $500 duty exemption (allowed only once per year).
What newspapers are available in Treasure Cay?
US and local newspapers are available throughout Treasure Cay usually within one day of publication.
Can I bring my pet to The Bahama Beach Club?
Sorry, we do not allow pets.