In-Room Telephone

In-room Telephone

Resort Operator Assistance

Should you have questions or experience any difficulty, please touch “0” and our Front Desk Staff will be pleased to assist you.

Room-to-Room Calls

Using the touch keypad, enter the Condominium’s number. For example, if you wish to connect to condominium 2022, touch “2022” on your keypad.

Local Calls ( in the Abacos )

The Bahama Beach Club offers FREE in-room local calls throughout the Abacos

1. Touch “9” to access local outside line 2.
2. Enter the local Telephone Number ( do not dial the area code ).

Calls To United States and Canada

The Bahama Beach Club offers FREE in-room calls to the U.S. and Canada

1. Touch “8” to access U.S. and Canada outside line
2. Enter 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number

International Calls

1. Touch “8” to access outside line
2. Enter 011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number.

Note: Calls to phone numbers in locations other than the Abacos, U.S. or Canada will be added to room charges at prevailing rates.